B3 Balm

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    Natural skincare & face care created by a Pro Makeup Artist. B3 facial oils & moisturizers give you healthy, glowing skin and work beautifully under makeup!
    21 products
    Picture of the Astraea Facial Oil showing the beautiful pink and blue glass bottle that has the oil name with different ways to use the oil
    Astraea Facial Oil
    The Marula Facial Oil pink and blue glass bottle with white and yellow label that includes what it is used for
    The Marula Facial Oil bottle with the dropper in mid use
    Marula Facial Oil
    The face of the peppermint lip balm with the black and white lid except for lip balm and peppermint in green
    This is the all of the B3 lip balms with bowls that contain what the inside looks like
    Peppermint Lip Balm
    Sheen Lip Balm
    Face of the matte lip balm showing the black and white style
    Women wearing the matte lip balm smiling and in love with the product.
    Matte Lip Balm
    The B3 lip scrub container with black and white lid that has 3 and lip scrub in pink
    Lip Scrub
    Pomona Facial Toner
    Healing Tattoo Oil
    Healing Tattoo Balm
    Beard Oil